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Education is recognized as the mirror of society and educational institution as society in miniature. Our potential asset is our people. Whether using a plough, driving a truck, designing a steel mill or typing business letters, the human factor is common and vital to all branches of economic activity. Education has an essential role to play in the structure and effectiveness of the country’s work force. Education is indispensable in all occupations as it develops proper insight. The formal education makes it easier to bridge the gulf between the immature nature of the child and the demands of the society. Education is to be consciously and deliberately planned by providing rich and creative activities and experiences to children. Different experiences help us to meet new situations.

Gandhiji speaks of education as “By education, I mean an all- round drawing out of the best in the child and man - body, mind and spirit.” The best can be drawn out by touching the hearts of the students. He wrote, “If I was to be their real teacher and guardian I must touch their hearts. I must share their joys and sorrows, I must help them to solve the problems faced by them and I must take along the right channel and surging aspirations of their youth.”

By education we mean the natural, harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers by drawing out the best in his body, mind and spirit so as to produce an individual who is culturally refined, emotionally stable, ethically sound, mentally alert, morally upright, physically strong, socially efficient, spiritually enlightened, vocationally self-sufficient and internationally liberal. This should be the end product of education.

Rajeev Kumar Singh
KV No.2, Srinagar
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